Monday, September 01, 2014

The Creative Blog Hop

Hi everyone,
Today I'm participating in a Creative Blog Hop! You may have seen this hop on another site. I think hops are great for inspiration.  If you haven't heard of it, it's a fun way of finding new creative inspiration and bloggers with similar interests and learning more about people who create. 

First I wanted to tell you about the talented lady that invited me. Sylvia from
Sylvia and I became acquainted while taking Tim Holtz's Creative Chemistry 101 class on line. We continued our journey together in a Facebook group that consists of class graduates. I am in awe of her talent for origami and how much recycling she does. If one gal can save the planet I'm sure it's Sylvia. Her blog post about the hop can be found here. 

As part of this hop, I'm answering a few questions about my creative process. Get your drink of choice and settle in for a read. There are so many crafty blogs out there to inspire us.  This is a great way to make new crafty friends!

 What am I working on?
My journaling tote for travel

I am currently going through my craft room and sorting things to put in a sale this fall. As my interests have changed I find I need to create space for the things I am doing and eliminate those things I've been hoarding. I just used a bunch of products on my journal cover just because they take up space and I'm not using them. As I continue to evolve so does my craft space. Hear me now. I give you all permission to use those things that you've been saving. Paint does dry out and products do deteriorate. Please use it don't lose it. 
I am concentrating this month on some journal pages.  I am taking classes with Dina Wakley
and hope to learn a lot from her. I took some classes with Dyan Reaveley and it really intrigued me. I dabble in so many things because my interests vary a lot. 
 Right now I'm on a design  team for a local store and follow some challenges on the web so I'm always working on something and trying to share my experiences. I love teaching others to use their inner talents. I taught classes for many  years and continue to find joy in helping others. Feel free to quiz me if there's any way I can help you. The industry has come along way since I started crafting. I used to travel all over the country taking classes to learn how to use these products. Today I can sit down in my easy chair and watch all these things unfold on YouTube, Google and u stream. While I enjoyed the direct interaction with teachers and students, travel can be pricey. Today we have so many options available for sharing. Blogging is one way I share. 

Why do I create?

Do you see all the smiles?

I create because it's what I love to do. As a child we never had money so I always created things for the people that I love. I enjoy getting messy and engrossed in my work. I have some chronic illnesses with major pain and this is like my therapy. I can forget my worries and delve into something artistic to occupy my mind. I started writing blog posts to share with my friends, to journal what I had learned along the way and to stay in touch with my muse. 

How does my work differ from others in my genre?

I am mostly interested in the how to's. There are so many products on the market and each one reacts differently. I try to glean information and utilize the information that is out there to create and share my experiences. We all work with similar tools. Because I work with so many different media I think I put my own spin on things. I love all things paper but I also have been involved in jewelry making, glass bead making, basket weaving, embroidery, polymer clay and crocheting. My eight-year-old grandson texted me the other day and asked me if I could watch a YouTube video and help him make a Goomba for his plush Mario collection.  I can honestly say I didn't even know what that was. Well how can you say no to play with children. Crafters will try anything. 

I would call my defining style eclectic mixed media. My work is a crossover between the different media and styles. Even Michelangelo had apprentices. We all learn from the Masters and then apply our own spin. 
Sometimes I'm lost in my work and forget to take photographs. I tend to write my blog after I've created so I can share my experiences. Occasionally you'll catch me filming something in the process just to show you what the process is. This can be pretty funny. I prefer just to let it flow and share after I finish working. I have loads of ideas and never enough time to do it all. I went to an art fair in Des Moines last month and came home with a list of ideas I posted on my phone to remind me about the thoughts that I had there. There are many ideas in my head and journals scribbled full of ideas to keep me busy for a very long time. Besides I need to use up all those art supplies I've been collecting for eons.  

How does my creative process work?

It varies but I work from inspiration. I am at heart, a chemist. I need to know how products will combine, absorb, resist and age. I am inspired by the beauty around me in the world.  Sometimes I'm under a crunch and need to create using products that are supplied to me. Other times, I may have new things I want to try to see how they react. Sometimes I actually sketch, and other times I just sit down and play thinking about something I have wanted to experience. Many times my mood will drive the colors and choices that I choose to work with on a given day. 
That's it for me! Next week, the hop will continue on the 8th with a few of my amazingly talented friends-

  • Heather Marie Kindt. Heather and I belong to a group of Iowa artists who share and craft together. She is on a design team for Frog Dog Studios and Splash of Color. And has been published multiple times.

  • Neil Burley - Neil is a fellow chemist I met in a Tim Holtz class. It just proves what a great community art creates.  Neil resides in the UK but can chat with the best online. I attended a live class he taught online and he is a pro. He is currently developing some online classes. His zentangles will amaze you. 

Thanks for reading my take on the Blog Hop. Look out for Heather's and Neil's post next Monday, September 8th. The hop always takes place on a Monday. ;) ttfn

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