Thursday, October 31, 2013

Whoooot Painting

Hello friends,
As some of you know Saturday I met with an Iowa artists group I met through Facebook. Teresa had taken Tracy Verdugo's class, so we all decided to work on canvases "Tracy" style. I have been showing you the progress on the canvas as I've been working this week. If you didn't see it before you can look at prior postings here. So this is what I've accomplished today. The colors in the photo are muted. This is much more vibrant with more red and green. I wish it photographed better, but you can get a hint of the flavor. I hope you like it. 
Teresa had seen a good idea on Pinterest for a mat to keep work surfaces clean. This is the one I made. I decorated a sheet of poster board and covered it with contact paper.

Then I added handles and sealed the edges using duct tape. The nonporous surface will be great when I am getting painty. I will be all set to go next time I am working away from home.

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Wanda H said...

They are both wonderful!!!