Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Love Dylusions

So today is cold and snowy. I really have been in the dumps because I haven't been crafting. I have been busily cleaning my craft space and rearranging. Sometimes it just seems the stuff is going to overtake me. I must learn to put things away when I finish a project.

I also find I need a place to sit and craft. I crafted for years standing at a counter, but I find that after hours on my feet it gets to be too much. I have been working on this from time to time but I think I'm finally getting serious.

So, I came up from the basement after digging out some more stuff to sell or donate and decided to check the mail. Imagine my surprise when I went to the mailbox and retrieved a lovely package. Sweet Kaz Hall has sent me a wonderful set of stamps and they're dylusions. I was laughing to myself when one stamp read, "you can't have everything where would you put it." That's exactly the way I was feeling after trying to find places for all of my things. Organization is so key and I must cull some of the older things I have. Seem I have had a hard time parting with things that I use for crafts.

I am crafting with friends this weekend so I must get things organized. At least the forecast says it's going to warm up for the weekend. I hope you all have a great weekend planned. Thanks Kaz, I really love the new stamps. I also love the signed tag. I will find a place of honor for it. Hugs


Nancy Zunic said...

What a great surprise getting mail from Kaz! Nice! I have been saying every winter that I am going to re-vamp my scraproom closet (that still has my 2 daughters old items in it and they have moved out long ago. Well, something always comes up! Hopefully, you will inspire me to really tackle it this year!

Peg Robinson said...

Thanks, Namcy. I am still working on it today.