Sunday, April 08, 2012

Domino Effect My Way

This is a bracelet using alcohol inks on domino surfaces. The cool thing is if you don't decide you like it, clean it off with alcohol and start over. These are slippery surfaces so stamp with caution. I need to put a top coat on so it can take the wear n tear. The close ups show you how to string and embellish. Kind a fishy, yuck yuck. It helps if you have a drimmel hooked up in a drill press to make your holes. I think you can even buy these predrilled, but I take the cheap route and make my own.


Creatique Candy said...

I really love what you did with the dominoes & the colors are gorgeous!!! TFS

Peg Robinson said...

Thanks, lady. These are old inks from US Art Quest and Dee Grunig. More vibrant then Tim or Wendy. They just make me happy.