Saturday, January 14, 2017

Shimmery Art Tags

We have done it again. It is time for another ShimmeryArt challenge. You can see all of the videos on YouTube,
                Ina -

            Yva -

I made two lovely tags with the package of shimmery goodness the Ina had sent to me. I love all the super blingy things she sent. Thanks so much Ina!!!

It is just in time for Valentines Day.

I hope you stop by all the channels and watch the amazing art tags they create. If you want to share your Shimmery Art please join us in the Shimmery Art Facebook group.

Thanks for stopping by. ttfn

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

New Adventures

Hello friends,
Some of you may be following my posts on Instagram. If you have, you probably have seen the  stamps I carved this month. Use the hashtag  #carvedecember to see all the lovely stamps carved this month for this event hosted by Balzer Designs. So today I had a wild idea and this card was still on my desk.

This  is the before stamped paper and below is the after. I had seen some foiling done in different ways but had not seen this done. I used a StencilGirl Stencil and applied toner over the stencil with a brush. Once I applied the toner, I covered the paper with transfer foil and sandwiched the whole thing between two sheets of copy paper. Then I ran the sandwich through my cheap $15.00 laminator from Amazon.

Now you know I love grungy art so this was just too fun. It wasn't the perfectly crisp foiling you get with a foil press but more of a random pattern where the foil and toner came together. I love how the blue stamped layer peeks through the shiny foil.

This is really hard to capture with a camera on the shiny foil surface, but if you are like me and love to experiment this is not a costly project. I got the toner from a cartridge I found in a recycle store for a dollar. I emptied the toner from the cartridge into a squeeze bottle so I could contain it. Loose toner can make a big mess and I wanted to minimize that.

I had a pan handy to tote the stencil to the sink for washing after painting it with the toner. It really cleaned up easily this way and I was able to contain the mess.

I had purchased the laminator a few weeks before for another project and it came with the pouches I needed so I thought it was a steal and I can now get multiple uses from my machine. So I hope you can give this a try if you like this look. Let me know if you do try something. I would love to see what you make. Or if you have seen anyone else do this technique, let me know where to find them. I can always use a few pointers. Thanks for stopping by.
ttfn Peg