I am a freelance instructor/designer and have worked for several companies/stores including Emerald Creek Social Media Design Team 2017, DecoArt Helping Hand Artist, the Kraaft Shaak design team 2015, Scrapbooking Studio design team 2014, the Create Exchange 2015, Scrapmania, Kirkwood College Continuing education, Reminisce and Graffiti. My work has been published in Somerset Studio. If you would like me to teach in your store, please contact me at

I love teaching others to use their inner talents. I taught classes for many years and continue to find joy in helping others. The industry has come a long way since I started crafting. I used to travel all over the country taking classes to learn how to use products. Today I can sit down in my easy chair and watch all these things unfold on YouTube, Google and UStream. While I enjoyed the direct interaction with teachers and students, travel can be pricey. Today we have so many options available for sharing. Blogging is one way I share. I also have a crafty Facebook page(Bits n Pieces) and post to Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.
I create because it’s what I love to do. As a child we never had money so I always created things for the people that I love. I enjoy getting messy and engrossed in my work. This is like my therapy. Art therapy is the best! I can forget my worries and delve into something artistic to occupy my mind. I started writing blog posts to share with my friends, to journal what I had learned along the way and to stay in touch with my muse.
I am mostly interested in the how to’s. There are so many products on the market and each one reacts differently. I try to glean information and utilize the information that is out there to create and share my experiences. We all work with similar tools. Because my work utilizes so many tools and mediums, I think I put my own spin on things. I love all things paper but I also have been involved in jewelry making, glass bead making, basket weaving, embroidery, polymer clay and crocheting. Crafters will try anything.
I work from inspiration. I am at heart, a chemist. I need to know how products will combine, absorb, resist and age. I am inspired by the beauty around me in the world. My work is a crossover between the different media and styles. Even Michelangelo had apprentices. We all learn from the Masters and then apply our own spin. Sometimes I’m lost in my work and forget to take photographs. Occasionally you’ll catch me filming something in the process just to show you what the process is. This can be pretty funny. I prefer just to let it flow and share after I finish working. I have loads of ideas and never enough time to do it all. There are many ideas in my head and journals scribbled full of ideas to keep me busy for a very long time. Besides I need to use up all those art supplies I’ve been collecting for eons.

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