Monday, January 23, 2017


Sorry this is kind of a long post, but I have a lot to share. Today I am starting the remake of my Studio space. The pictures might scare you but it is all part of the process I go through every year to some extent. I clean, purge and organize. It makes it a place where I can create. I tend to evolve in my likes and processes as a crafter. I have done all kinds of crafts over many years and thus, accumulate a real mixture of supplies to organize. While I was doing child care and house/dog sitting a couple of weeks ago, I picked up two new Alex units from Ikea. They happened to be on sale at the time. They are an assemble yourself unit, but I found them easy to put together. Below is a picture of pieces ready to assemble.

I felt this folding table had served its purpose long enough and had a good deal of unused space underneath that I wanted to organize and use for those things I need handy while working at my desk. Sorry for the scary picture. I promise things are starting to look better.

Below is an in-process shot of the cabinet during assembly.

So now that I have that wall storage sorted, I will start on the other side of the room.

Four walls of storage spaces and cupboards to purge. 

The six drawer dresser (on the left )was from a set I had for my daughter. It has served me well in many roles, but it is time to move on. It is going to a good home with my grand-kids and I am getting some new cube storage. Ikea didn't have any left in stock when I was there because they were on sale half off. I was disappointed, but my sweet children came to my rescue and picked them up for me. Now we just need to exchange furniture and I will be in organizing mode again. 

So besides cleaning and purging I did a hop with some other creatives hosted by Shemi Dixon using dollar store items. We could spend a maximum of $15 U.S. for our projects. I think I spent about $10.

Dollar Store Valentine Wreath
You can find the video here.  I hope you enjoy this and watch all the creative videos in the hop.

Additionally, If you missed the news. I am joining a Social Media Design Team this spring. They just released their latest products at Creativation (formerly known as CHA) and I must say they are beautiful. You can find them here.
I am waiting patiently (not so much, lol) for a box of goodies to arrive that I can share with you. For now, you can check all the eye candy on their site. You may want to follow the other members of the team too. They make some awesome art.

So that is about it for today. Below is a picture of my sweet children who will be bringing me the rest of my studio furniture. Have a great crafty day everyone. ttfn

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