Monday, June 27, 2016

Hello To All and a Catch Up

Hello my friends,
Today I am sharing some of what I have been working on recently. 
Here is my latest pick a stick challenge with the video for the process. 

I've also been participating in the index card a day challenge. You can find the prompts on or come up with your own. This really helps keep me working on things.
Here are a few snaps and you can find the rest on my YouTube channel.
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I am working on a canvas for my grandson. I think he will like it. This is the rough sketch before I start to paint.
Find the video here.

Last Thursday I had a play day with my buddies.We had an overnight for a bit of craftiness, shopping and eating. It sure was good to see them. They gifted me with a new Sizzix ink press pad and ink sheets. Secretly I think they just wanted to see what I would do with them. Well. I have had time to play and video taped that too.

Well, that's about it from me for now. I am taking DH back to the cardiologist soon and hope to have some answers. Keep us in your thoughts. Love to you all.p

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Angela Radford said...

Somebody's been busy here Peg, love it all. Happy crafty week,
Angela x