Thursday, June 30, 2016

Ceramic Tile Fun

 my friends,
I have got to tell you getting inky is really a lot of fun. Today I decided to try out some alcohol ink techniques I've been wanting to play with for some time. What you do is ignite the alcohol with a flame once you have it applied to the ceramic tile. It has a different effect and flow then if you just let the alcohol do what it normally does. I have a video for you.

Once I had applied the alcohol ink and burned off the alcohol I decided to do a little stenciling.
This tile looked a bit like the night sky to me so I found my Seth Apter star and Jessica Sporn reach stencils from StencilGirl. 
I completed a total of four tiles, each one a little different. 
Above is a tile using another Seth Apter stencil and stamp and another love stencil by Traci Bautista. 
The above flower features another StencilGirl design from Desiree Habicht, s313. The ink splotches looked like a flower. I used white pigment ink through the stencil to add shape and the stamen. 
I sprayed ink through the stencil by Traci and used a sponge and pigment ink with Jessica's word stencil. 
I sure had a happy afternoon with stencils and ink.


Seth said...

A good example of the fun of experimenting and trying something new. A fascinating process for sure.

Lisa said...

These are beautiful! Thank you for the video. At the end you indicated a coat of Triple Thick. Did I catch that right, not familiar with it. Any idea what that type of coating would allow for in terms of using the tiles?

Peg Robinson said...

Hi Lisa. It is a DecoArts product. It is made to coat hard surfaces. It was recommended to me and my first experience with the product but really appears to be stable. Spray from a distance light coats for best results on this surface.

Peg Robinson said...

Thanks Seth. Loved using your stencils and stamps.

Shel C said...

What a fun project Peg :) I wI'll check out the technique and give it a try!

Peg Robinson said...

I had a good time doing these.

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

These all look Fantastic! Lovely, strong colours!