Saturday, April 02, 2016

Not a Doe Eyed Girl

some of my friends and I having a discussion the other morning about how all of the art we were seeing contained doe eyed girls. While there is nothing wrong with this type of art it becomes quite repetitive especially since I've been seeing it since the 60s. I think I first saw this trend on toilet paper ads. Anyway the conversation turned into a challenge. We were to do anything else;men,old folks, people of different shapes, ethnicities and sizes, children, you name it. Well I thought this might be quite fun. Part of my discussion was the fact that my latest art all contained flowers and butterflies. At that point it was put to me that I should be painting an entomologist. ha ha the laugh is on you. So guess what, I picked up the challenge.
I started with my small Dylusions journal. 
I decided to quickly create a background and use a tag for the main image. 
I sketched out my scientist on the tag and colored it in. Because I was in my easy chair, all I had were some Clean Color pens so that's what I used. I cut up my image and glued it down with a glue stick. I then added my title and some lettering along with a few bugs for the good doctor's specimen collection. 
So if you're tired of making girl pages take up the challenge and join us won't you? I'm really looking forward to seeing what you make. Be sure and tag me so I see your post. This is going to be fun. Ttfn p

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