Thursday, February 18, 2016


Hello friends,
I know you're all surprised. I am definitely no seamstress. What I can stitch is a journal or some beading work. I had a bunch of Gelli papers from the other day and had started some pages so I thought I may as well make a book.
The page with the crazy lady (sorta self portrait) is classwork. I actually received a free spot in One BADASS journal class from Kiala Givehand and Tiare Smith. They are both wonderful as are the other instructors. This page is inspired by Nicci Battilana.
Check out the crackly hair and bling. Really working outside of the box and trying to stretch. 

Then I started making signatures for a journal. I had some papers I had Gelli printed the other day and some mixed media paper from a pad so I just decided to turn them into a journal.Below are the signatures being stitched.

I have a few new videos posted up on You Tube if you are looking for entertainment.   Well, that's about it. Thanks for visiting and leaving love. ttfn

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