Wednesday, September 09, 2015


Happy Wednesday everyone,
 Today's the day we get to visit the desk Julia Dunnit and a lot of other crafters. You can find the website and the information about what's on your work desk Wednesday here. Well I've kind of been missing in action for a couple of weeks and for good reason. First I spent a wonderful weekend with friends at an Irish Hooley, visiting the Titanic exhibition, and The Downton Abby exhibition. 

While I was gone I found out that my granddaughter was in the ICU unit at University Hospital. I spent about a week running back-and-forth there. Never fear she is doing much better and back home. 
Once I was back home and had some free time I really tore into my studio. I've been working on reorganizing again and decided to take everything out of my containers and sort. Well as we all know things get worse before they get better. 
This is what I decided to do: (sorry about the length😁)

Rules for my happy organization, love it or lose it. Set goals and rewards.
1. Sort into a 4 section system
 Patterns Rainbow
 Letters and numbers
 A-Z themed items
There is no miscellaneous.
2. Keep things together that go together and set a date goal to use it.
3. Store things the way you think about things. If bunnies mean Easter then store them there. If B is for Bunny then put it a-z.
4. Try not to overthink it.
5. Set purge goals. Be prepared to purge. Have a box ready to keep things you will never use. Decide where purge things are going. You can have these everywhere. In the laundry, kitchen, bath. When box is full, give it away.
6. Paper organization three sections sentiments-themes, rainbow, calendar-year.
Light to dark solid then multi theme. Pull papers that go with the intention it was purchased for originally. Kits and stacks label to remind yourself with a number or system. Add that number or system to the 4 sections above so you can pull it out to use it when you are working out of that section. Start sorting into vertical storage A-Z. These can be broken down later. A can mean animal' ancestry or any "a". B can be baby, beach, birthday and so on. Sort the Alphabet section again later.
Maybe this will help you too.
So to reward myself I took a couple of breaks and made a few things. 

These are cards made with dies from Tailored Expressions and using Pan Pastels. More about that in a previous post. And yesterday was Kraaft It Live at the Kraaft Shaak working with Pastels.

This is a drawing I completed with pan pastel while working along with an online video chat from Kraaft It Live.  Well I'm off to see what everyone else is been doing Tata for now. 


Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Hi Peg, I'm visiting through WOYWW. Nice to bump into you here! Oh my, that's quite a list you have there to organize your stuff. I've got rid of a lot of things this summer (not just craft supplies) and only kept things that I will be using. Love your pastel picture - I'll have to watch that KIL show later! Have a great week - zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #28

Beth Sinn said...

Hi Peg, Organizing and purging seems to be a constant thing on my mind. Not just in my workshop. My kids are at that point where the baby things can go away and the big kid things can go to their rooms. I am looking forward to having my living room back this year...if they let me.
I never thought I had a workshop organization system...but in looking around I realized that I have everything sorted by color, theme, season and like objects. Good luck with the rest of your sorting.
Oh, and I LOVE your cards and pastel project!
Lizzie #36

Robyn said...

Blogging is my fav way to travel.
thanks for visiting!

sue jones said...

re organising always seems like a good idea - until you start! good luck ha ha Having said that - mine is in desperate need!lovely photos - looks like you had a great time. Love your painting and cards. Soojay 15

Diana Taylor said...

Ooh I love a good sort out and have recently ebay-ed a lot of my unwanted craft stuff - I was amazed at how much of it sold, and I was amazed at how much I hadn't used in years!! I love your silhouette cards - very dramatic and eye-catching with the black against that pretty pastel sky. I also love the pastel flower - so delicate and dreamy. Hope you have a great week and finish your organising!
Diana #23

jill said...

What a worry it must have been with your Granddaughter being in hospital . So glad she's on the mend now. Happy woyww Jill #8

Kristiina Majuri said...

Nothing like rewarding oneself for work done and the reward (in future) of having everything in place! Good luck getting there, wonder how you're going to manage the "no miscellaneous" part :) happy woyww!
Kristiina #18

Anne said...

Hello and thanks for the organisational tips. love the cards and your drawing. Thanks for popping by. Anne x #7

Angela Radford said...

Hi Peg,I hate having to reorganise stuff but love it when it's done and everything is in it's place. I am getting to the stage where I need to have a tidy up. Have a good woyww and happy crafting,
Angela x 22

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I like your rules, especially the one about setting a date goal to use things. I've been purging my studio a little at a time since the beginning of summer, as well as reorganizing as I go along. It's a cleansing experience for the mind and soul as well. Anyway, I love your cards, and especially that beautiful flower you painted. Sorry to hear about your granddaughter being in ICU, but glad she's doing well now. Blessings!

Annie said...

What brilliant tips for reorganisation Peg. I shall be setting to to reorganise all my stash in my new sewing room very soon so may well take some of your ideas and run with them. Thanks.
Annie x # 10

Twiglet said...

A stunning pastel pic! thanks for the tips - I think I need to be doing just that right at this moment! x Jo

Diane Baker-Williams said...

I think most of use create more of a mess when trying to organize. Goes with the job. good for you to sticking with your rules! Letting go is so hard but so rewarding. Great pastel cards. Thank you for the visit earlier and kind words, Diane #21

Neet said...

Such a lovely post with holiday pics, pastel drawing and die cut cards.
Thanks for sharing. Being brief as am on holiday and I keep losing Internet.
Hugs Neet xx