Sunday, July 12, 2015

I Gotta Crow-

Peter Pan I am not, but I am still puffed up like the rooster I am working with on this project. You ask why? Okay I will tell you. I am working with an awesome design team and want to crow about it. Today I wanted to show you something else I was able to make with my mixed media kit from the Kraaft Shaak.
Mini is watching my every move.

I started with a pre-cut plaque from the craft store.

After a few coats of gesso I applied the crackle paint remaining from the sample in the kit and left it to dry overnight.

Next, I coated the paint with several shades of glaze. Then came those great rooster napkins from the Kraaft Shaak Mixed Media kit.  I separated the three ply and use the printed portion that has 6 roosters.

Isn't he pretty? Quite The handsome fellow.

After trimming the image out, I applied it to the plaque with a coat or two of matte medium.

I used another piece of napkin to create a flower center for some metal components from the kit. If you make this, I would recommend applying the image to some white cardstock before gluing into the bezel. The tissue tends to disappear with the gloss coatings. That's alright because, one thing I learned after years of crafting is you can usually put another layer on top.
I used the Magicals pigment powders and Colorbloom sprays on the fibers and cheese cloth supplied in the kit to add and enrich colors.
I glued all of the pieces down with 3D gel medium. This supplied enough lift under the components to raise the layers just a bit.

I used the rest of the die cut leaves made for the easel project from yesterday, the colored fibers and metal embellishments supplied in the kit. I glued the flower to a metal bezel and coated with Glossy Accents and set it aside to dry. Then I added some Prima flowers 

and other embellishments to adorn the bottom of the plaque.

The flowers needed a bit if shimmer so I sprayed them with Guild Colorbloom.

Okay I have used a few of these cool roosters, but still have more to go. I am really having a blast trying to use all of this kit up and I am sure you will see me just keep going until it is all gone. If you want a kit you will find it here. I hope you enjoyed my play.

 ttfn from Peg, mini me and lizard.
was used in the making of this project.


rose tresures said...

Peg, that is really beautiful!!!! I love how this came together for you. How big is the overall piece? You really rocked it out!!!! hugs, Paty

Heather said...

Oh my gosh!!!
I am going to steal one of those rooster napkins for myself now.
I love this project!!!

TaborTooth said...

Excellent use of the Rooster napkin! I have a few panels left and after this "Spark of Kreativity"... I'm gonna get me a plaque and play!!

Beth Sinn said...

This really great Peg! It reminds me of something my Grandmother had hanging in her kitchen for all the years I visited her! What an awesome spark!

Nanette Church said...

I have a collection of roosters, so I am very excited about thus one!Pattyvis absolutely right, you rocked this one out!

Dana S. said...

How did I not see this sooner? The crackle effect really came through on this. i love that rooster and how you gathered the elements. What a pretty plaque!