Thursday, October 30, 2014


Good morning everyone,
Last night I watched Tuesday's episode of the Kraaft Shaak, Kraaft it Live on G+ Kraaft Kommunity. I was so inspired watching Tina, Heather and Sandra carve their stamps, I decided to give it a go. I decided to start small and Zsuzsa had inspired me to do a face by showing me the sketches she had been doing. Since Halloween is coming I decided to do something that would fit on a domino so I could make some jewelry. I found my speedy carve  by Speedball and my Wallnut Hollow carving tools and my Speedball carving tools and went to town. I have found that working small with these tools is very difficult.  I may need to invest in more detailed tools.

I used archival orange blossom in dandelion ink to tint the edges of the domino. I stamped my carved image with archival jet black. Once the ink was dry I coated everything with glossy accents to seal it. So here's the result I hope you enjoy it. If you get a chance stop by the Kraaft Shaak and view the ladies carving. You may also want to take a wander about their blogs. Just follow the links in this post. If you see things that interest you, by all means join the G+ Kommunity and tell us what you are doing..


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