Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Mixed Media Process

Hello gentle readers,
Sometime ago I had posted some quick pics of journal covers. Today I want to share some of the process for creating these covers. I really enjoy the process and I thought you might enjoy seeing step-by-step what goes into the creation. So here we go.

The surface needs to be cleaned and prepped. I usually use gesso. You could prime and paint or use other products, but this is how I roll. Gesso can be purchased in both black and white. You can add paint to the gesso for color.
Next I select the pieces I'm going to attach on top of the prepared surface. These can be papers, fabric, metals, cardboard just about anything you can think of for texture and design. 

I love shopping around to find textural elements for this part of the process.  Many of the components pictured above are from Prima. Below I use game pieces, gears and key from Tim Holtz and charms.

You'll need a good strong adhesive to put these on to your surface. I like Beacon 3 in 1 craft glue. Be sure to use something strong like multi-medium or Glossy Accents,

After gluing apply another coat of gesso. Dry between applications. 
Then you can start adding color. This can be done with many types of paints, patinas, sprays and rub-ons.  Just keep in mind you want something permanent that can be sealed. Water based products will re wet and are not a good choice. Use pigment or something you can set with heat or air dry to a permanent finish. Most products have great information on the packaging if you are not sure or you can test them out.

Once this layer is dry you can add additional embellishments. 
Pearls, rhinestones, focal elements are all good choices.

I hope you find this helpful. The main thing is to have fun and play. You are never doing anything wrong, you're learning.  now go create! ttfn

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