Sunday, March 16, 2014

MIA make up

Hello gentle readers,
I realize I've been gone quite a bit. My youngest daughter and family have moved into a new home and I've been assisting with the move. Along that vein I am creating some artwork for their walls. I got the idea for this from Eileen Godwin. You can read about hers on her blog here. She had taken a workshop and enjoyed it so much she went home and made more. Below is my test case. I will make a few of these of my office walls.

I started with two dollar IKEA mirrors. Using Post It and Frog tape I masked the mirror and frame edges. 
I then set about cutting my embellishments and papers. I used a number of different embossing folders from several different companies. The papers are pieced together and adhered to the frame using gesso. 

Once the Gesso was dry I started  adhering surface embellishments. These too require a coat of Gesso.

You can then pick your favorite paints and sprays to add depth. I used a number of these from several different companies too.  Dry your project between layers. I also used a workable fixative. Once it's all set and dry used a matte varnish to seal. 

I still have the mirrors covered in these photos so they don't glare. We had reupholstered the dinette chairs with the fabric seen here. I think these mirrors will look nice on the wall adjacent. The lighting in the kitchen and my basement are not the same so the color looks a bit off. It is lovely reds, rusts and browns. I will try to get a picture when they are hung on the wall.  
 I hope you enjoyed my little project. I must go now for I have a lot to work on. Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by. 

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