Wednesday, February 19, 2014

An Art Anthology Tutorial

Hello everyone,
Today I'm going to walk you through the steps I used to create a canvas.
In the background pictured below, you can see the beginnings of the canvas using Art Anthology spray paints.

Prime a square canvas with gesso. Starting with Art Anthology spray paints, coat the top and bottom of the canvas with complementary colors. I used Studio Blue, Waimea Bay and Glorious Coloration Sprays.

Remove the spray nozzle from the container and use it to sprinkle paint on the background. 
Next we use the Sorbet Dimensional Paint from Art Anthology.

Use the dimensional paint to create an area of interest by painting in the middle of your canvas. Layer a stencil over the painted area and coat with another color of paint. I used Viridian and coated with Black Leather Jacket.

Because the paint in the middle of the canvas is still wet you get interesting texture when removing the stencil. 

Dry the paint and apply whatever embellishments you like. 

I cut some from scrap paper and sprayed additional pieces or paper with Art Anthology paints.  I really enjoy the droplets of Patience coloration on my pages. Remember, you can purchase all your supplies at the Scrapbooking Studio.

Use some more paint and texture stamps on the surface to create interest.
Splatter on more color.
Highlight the lettering with paint and pens.

Well friends, that's all there is to it.

Share the love and make someone special a canvas or maybe just something special for you.
I know I will need to get more colors of paint when I visit the Scrapbooking Studio. Thanks for dropping by. ttfn

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Hettie said...

This is lovely Peg and thanks for the walk through. Once I have finished my quilting period I shall try and refer to this.