Sunday, February 17, 2013


Hello Blogger,
I have been working for sometime on getting my space organized so that I can craft a little more efficiently. As you can see this is been taking me a long time. Today I pulled a tub of tissue paper from a space under the counter seldom visited.  What do you do with all that tissue you may ask. Well let me show you. First, make a template then you adhere your tissue paper to some text weight paper and trace around the template. fold and adhere the bottom to the sides.
Don't you just love my new envelopes? Anyway I now have several drawers full of tissue paper I had forgotten all about.




Here are some tags I started by adhering tissue paper to the surface and coating with some distress paint. I will work on those later when dried.

So here's a video tour of my space.
I am  still working and probably will be working on it for years but have a look see what I've done.

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