Sunday, August 26, 2012

Embossed Papers

I have been working on a surprise and will be sharing techniques with wrapping papers. You can see the lovely rainbow of color on my work surface. These papers are amazing and can create a lovely shimmery glow to your projects.
As you all know, I love crafts and jewelry is no exception. I have been doing heat embossing on wrapping papers and have been getting some cool effects. Please check out my video.

Anyway, I can finally let the cat out the bag!  You may have been wondering why I have been so quiet lately. It is because I have been on You Tube learning. 
There is a special group on FB for those of us who have gradated from CC101.
 If you take the class and want to join, I can say it will be well worth your time.
I volunteered  to do a live stream of one of my favorite techniques and then it was decided that those of us who volunteered would each do a You Tube video.  
This has been such an adventure and challenge. I hope to be able to do another video to add to the ones already made, and if you are a graduate and would like to do a video, or join the FB group, you can contact Creative Chemistry 101 group and request to be addedto the group.  Hope to see you there. Continuing the journey...

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