Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stretch Your Stamps day 3

I tried as I may to do today's assignment, but everything went wrong. Needless to say, I am not happy with the results, but it was a good learning experience. Today was about Alphabet stamps. I have plenty, but they were wrong for this application. I have also had trouble with trying to use die for embossing. Well, no more time today. What you see is what you gets. Let me know if you have suggestions on how to get this whole thing to turn out.
Tried rubberbands to hold words together

tried the dark ink over the images
tried masking the letters
like the three bears...papa was too big
baby was too delicate
Ah well, tomorrow is another day...


Jassy said...

They look pretty good actually, better than mine! But I know what you mean about the masking, the stamps have to be the right ones to get the same effect as in the demo, I'm going to try making some from my wordplay die although as they are all different sizes I'm not sure how that will pan out.

Marianne H said...

I think they look absolutely lovely.
Have a nice day!

Eileen said...

Not tried this yet...What you have achieved here all looks pretty good to me ! I will have a go and get back to you Peg
Eileen xx

Peg Robinson said...

I had a thought in the night. I will print the words with my Silhouette and cut out a mask. Ha!