Saturday, May 05, 2012


I love using things we already own in different ways. I remember discovering tyvek and how cool it was to reuse it in my art. Today I was trying to come up with a way to have easy access to my metal tools. I had a small basket that I had made for the purpose and out grown immediately. You can see just how over packed it is.

It doesn't hold much, but I love it because I made it so it sits on my bench when it can give me a warm feeling when looking for the right tool.

Anyway, I had a great idea. I had this coffee rack we had outgrown and I tried to re-purpose it to hold my ink applicators, but it was not working.
Because I have all these wires to hook things over, I discovered it makes a great caddy for my metal smithing tools. It turns, I can see the tool I want and grab it quickly.  

Even my small hammers work well in this. it made room in my other tote so now I will not need to dig for my hammers underneath all my cutters and pliers. Got to love reusing! 

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Julia S-W said...

Great idea! It's a constant headache trying to find the best and most easily accessed storage isn't it? Time I looked round my cellar for some more unused items.
I love your work and I'm now your latest follower. Please do pop by my blog if you have time.