Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Paper Play

Hi Bloggers,
Yesterday there was a conversation about coated paper. I decided to do a bit of testing to see what I liked the best. You can see the process of applying the ink on all three samples was about the same.
Hammermill Laser Photo

I used three papers; CTMH, Hammermill laser photo and Judikins gloss coated papers.

CTMH was my second choice.
Judikins had lovely open spaces, depth and color.

The favorite from my perspective is the Judikins paper. Can you see the cool speckles in this? It is a very porous paper even with the coating. Love it.
So Bloggers,
You be the judges. Tell me what you think. I think I know which one I will be using.


Creatique Candy said...

That one is a toughy Peg. I didn't even know CTMH had glossy paper...I may have some in my stash but love the way it turned out on all 3. You have your work cut out for you definitely. So hard to judge which as I would use all 3 of them ;)
Fabulous backgrounds I love it! TFS

Susan said...

I trust Judi-Kins a LOT! They were one of the first companies I ordered from back when I had a rubber stamp store in the 90's. They take time and effort and test quite a bit for things like paper. I didn't know CTMH had glossy paper either but I don't have CTMH near me that I know of.