Thursday, May 31, 2007

Memorial Day

This year, we were in Michigan for Memorial Day. For the past two years we have been going to Audubon and taking Billie(Ron's mother) to the cemetary to decorate the graves. The roads are always proudly lined with our nation's flags waiving in the wind, a reminder of those who lost their lives for our country. It is particularly touching this year with the war seeming as if it will never end. We spent the week with Ron's cousins, Alma and her husband Dwayne. Ron had never been to his aunt Della's grave before. Alma and Ron had lived in the same houes when they were young. After Della's husband died, she moved from Audubon back home to Lansing Michigan. I know Alma and Ron were like brother and sister before the move, so it was a great loss for them. I am always happy when we can be together and they can reminisce about their childhoods.

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