Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

We had a good time with family today. Ethan drove up from Des Moines and met the girls and me for breakfast. We were off to a good start and traveled around the city stopping off at everyone's house.

We Picked up Ron and headed to
Ruby Tuesday for lunch. The kids had made arrangements for the seating, so I didn't lift a finger all day. Delicious food and even better company. Bree's fella Jean came to join us too.

Did you notice how Cadence has the same
cheesy grim as his Uncle Ethan?

Nick and Em were off to the ball field. As a TRUE GREEN guy, he is playing for the Sodfathers. Cute huh? I think he may need some lessons about what to do with the ball though. I hope my medical expertise will not be needed for an extraction. Happy Mother's day to you all!

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