Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Green is good

We have been busy painting the patio.
I bought some new patio furniture on sale and am painting every thing in sight to make the patio look like everything goes together. I am even contemplating painting the bird bath.

You know you start with one small project and it escalates into this major task. I have painted three chairs and a table in addition to the garage wall and roof. Sabrina has been a big help. That overhead painting is a bear. We finally got out the spray gun and did it that way. I have used up two gallons of paint and many spray cans and the project is not done yet.

I also have big ideas about extending the surface out over the raised bed so I can put the grill there. It all sounds good until I think about laying all the block. Yuck! I am wondering how many bags of sand and tons of block it will take. I should also lay in a supply of cream for sore bodies. tee hee

Well I am off to Menards to look at Patio Block.

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