Saturday, February 24, 2007

I have been in the basement this morning finishing cards to send to Shelley for her card swap. I need to get this stuff in the mail before we take off for Florida. Yeah, fun in the sun for a few days. I think I need it. It has been rather gloomy and promise of more snow doesn't help matters. I am all caught up on my swap commitments for now. I hate that I will miss the trunk show at Bead Haven while we are gone. I am sure they will have some cool beads I really can't live without. Well, it proves you just can't do it all, but don't tell my husband. He still thinks I can.

We spent the most part of the day yesterday at the emergency room with my youngest daughter. She was experiencing vertigo, nausea, and headache. Since she had been in a recent traffic accident, I was concerned that they may have missed something she damaged in her neck or back. Anyway, they really had no answers and sent us home again. I sat up late and finished a dagger bracelet to take to Florida as a gift for our hostess. I needed to do something after sitting in the hospital with three small children. The baby, Tenor, didn't even have a bottle along, so nana improvised and found him some yogurt in the cafeteria. They were such good kids, but nana was pooped!

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